Saturday, December 19, 2015

Time is counting down to Christmas. We've added a parakeet to our family, and his cheerful chirps blend well with the music I play. I love being surrounded by critters, no matter how small. They're so free of all the ulterior motives humans seem to have for everything they do. I am incredibly homesick for places and times long past, that can never "be" again. I guess many of us are guilty of that from time to time. I especially miss my children (who are not children any more by any stretch), and the fun of singing Christmas carols together, funny packages, cookie batter, and the laughter. They are so precious to me. I'm not sure they know how precious they are. I think as they've grown up they've moved into a different role in my life, and don't realize that to me, at least, they're still children. It won't be that many years away that I'll be the child, and they'll be the parents. I wonder why my voice has gone silent these past years .... seems since 2005 when we moved from AZ to MI I stopped singing for some reason. And now, my poor throat has no idea what's expected of it. Need to get in the car and drive somewhere, singing all the vocal exercises to bring it back into use.

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