Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Motivators ...

Laura, you've motivated me. Laura Pankoe is my daughter, who recently started a blog of her own. As I read the antics of my child and her children, I am once again reminded how much the computer keeps us close. I hesitate to phone her, I usually hit during bath time, or in the middle of some tempest in a teapot ... but the blog keeps me up on what's going on with all of them. I think we all need motivators, for different reasons obviously, but needed nonetheless. As a society, complacence seems to be ever lurking in the shadows. It's so much easier to plop down in front of the TV, or pick up a book and get lost in it ... when in reality we should be plugging in with our families. I had my annual mammogram last week. Now for most of you, what's the big deal. For ME it was a very big deal, as it's been one year since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ever since then, I've dealt with the scary monster lurking in the shadows, who questions "Did we get it all, is it going to show up on the other side" and similar thoughts. I doubt my friends and family had the date earmarked on their calendars to follow up with me. Why should they?! It's not part of their daily lives. And that's okay!! But by taking time to update my blog, those who do follow up with me know the date came and went, and I'm clean. A very dear friend of mine had thought I'd use the blog to share my journey throughout the ordeal last year, and I'm ashamed to say it didn't occur to me to do so. I wish now that I had. I certainly didn't feel it was a "private" thing, I blurted out to anyone who would listen to get tested. It's a real thing. It DOES happen to people you know. The very real slap in the face came when I was diagnosed, it doesn't just happen to other people, it happened to ME! It's our personal cheering section that keeps us going. The few close friends who hung in there with me and stuck it out through surgeries and radiation gave me something I can never repay. They were my motivators, who said "you can do this", who crossed off each day on the calendar marking my progress. Motivators come in every size and shape, both human and animal, some are no more than written words from someone else. There are those special souls who give you their phone numbers, and tell you they answer those phones 24/7. I know I'm that way, I'll answer my phone at two in the morning for someone who needs an ear. Motivators can be the household pets, who need us to get off the couch and feed them, play with them, or put on a sweater and take them outside for walks. Even my fish motivates me. He's a very handsome fellow, his tank sits on the partition that divides my kitchen from my dining room. When I am at the sink, he comes to my side of the glass and interacts with me. I talk to him as I sprinkle his food on the water. We have a little ritual. He motivates me to smile, and start my day with good thoughts. Such a tiny creature, I can't hold him or pet him, but he's part of my life, and I enjoy him. So, I ask, are you someone's motivator? Can you identify your motivators? those people or things that keep you going? Let me be your motivation to think about it!

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  1. Dear Patty, Great to catch up on things thru your blog. Glad to hear things are getting better, keep it up. Lost track of the group, but enjoy seeing the new blocks on facebook. Appreciate all you did for the group. Kathy in northeastern Colo