Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Requiem for a Squirrel ... i buried you beneath a tree, one you used to climb for me, you knew i'd put some peanuts there for you and other squirrels to share. your life cut short by man's machine, and now those eyes that used to sheen in sunlight bright are closed in death and never more you'll draw a breath. i loved you so, you made me smile, i'd sit and watch for quite a while. you'd fluff your tail and scold at me if there were no peanuts neath the tree. now that tail around you curled, never more to be unfurled. Sleep, dear one, until you hear, the Master's voice, then leave your bier. to run and play another day safe and free, out of harm's way. Some grand day we'll meet again, i know not where, i know not when.

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