Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Week Two

Yesterday marked the first day of the second week of radiation. I can do this. I am continually amazed at life in a small town. Yes, everyone knows if you roll over at night, but help comes out of the woodwork when there's a problem. It's rather like the whole town survives as a networked entity, no one stands alone (unless you choose to).

And, yesterday my firstborn reached the age of 39!! Lord but THAT makes me feel old! Not really. I can't complain. My internist says I am "aging gracefully". Whatever that is!

I think my challenge to you is to look around you, at folks in your town. Is someone shut in? Could you take someone to the store to shop, or meet at someone's house to carry in said groceries? I time my shopping so I'm home when a friend of mine drives by on HIS way home ... and he lugs in the heavy stuff. Help make your town a tighter knit unity! -->

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