Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 4

I'm plugging along with the radiation, thanks to my cadre of drivers who keep me on schedule ... winter weather adds some thrill to the trip upon occasion ... but all things considered, I can't complain too much. My skin is breaking down a little, but I was told that would happen. And being more and more tired.

However!!! I awoke this morning and decided to make it a "git 'r done" day ... load of laundry, washed hair, Canadian Brass on the stereo (Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart, Pachelbel etc), decided to treat myself to brownies. After all, I'm half done with radiation! Whomped up some mix, added walnuts (Sorry Hugh), preheated the oven ... and all of sudden kitchen fills with smoke, smoke alarm goes off .. I yell at the alarm "I SEE IT, I SEE IT", turn on the exhaust fan, open oven. Apparently and unbeknownst to me, last weeks' apple pie oozed over.

So now, down on my knees, scrubbing out the oven. Meanwhile brownies are calling to me. Since I have no adult supervision at this point, I pull out a spoon and sample the batter. (Sorry Laura) ... and it was good, so I ate some more. It's now in the pan, waiting for the oven to preheat (again).

I'm fostering a kitten. I think she's about 4 months old, and already in the week she's been here she's grown. It's been awhile since a baby anything lived here, and I find myself laughing at the funny things she does. After two days of being too terrified to do more than huddle in her basket, she now runs about the house as if she owns the joint. Now she purrs, louder than a motorboat. How is it we lose that sense of wonder we have as children, when everything is a toy, or to be explored. How do we end up as couch potatoes. Is it lack of environmental stimulation? Sheer laziness? or worse yet, boredom? She's good medicine for me at this point. I'd like to just curl up and sleep, but there are things to be done, and with a little more effort I can do them. My other three cats are asleep, and as I write this the little one is playing with the ribbon on my slippers.

I guess it all boils down to what motivates a person. While snoozing away the afternoon sounds grand, I know I'll feel more like I actually accomplished something if I press onward and try a little harder. I'm not suggesting you all go out and adopt little kittens, but I am suggesting that with a little bit of effort you too can find things to do. Even if you just tackle a pile of accumulated clutter, just one pile, and deal with it, you'll feel better. As I watch her, realizing the world is her oyster now, her enthusiasm rubs off on me. -->

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