Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flowers ...

I bought some roses for myself today. They're little ones, what my Grandfather called "florabunda" because there were so many blossoms on one stem. They're a pretty shade of lapis ... As I write, I'm seeing the trees outside my window shake off their leaves. The colors are breath taking! I ride around in a van with a dear friend once a week, as we volunteer for the hospital (we pick up patients who have no transportation, and deliver them to their appointments). We commented more than once to each other how vivid the colors were, and how quickly the leaves turned. As I face a new challenge ahead, one of uncertain consequences, I am reminded that we're never assured of anything other than just this moment. As I sit here and write I am only guaranteed this time. An hour from now, a day, a week, a month, there's no knowing where I'll be, or where you'll be. Again comes the adage, "stop and smell the roses". I spent the afternoon making documents ... will, health care power of attorney, the usual stuff .. all things that were not done before my husband died. There always seemed to be plenty of time for that. As i plod through the legality and red tape he left me with, I vow not to do that to my children, or my friends. I'm enjoying my roses ... they're here for a few days before they wither and wilt. But I will enjoy them while I have them. I have a sense of accomplishment with this afternoons labors. As for tomorrow, I'll deal with that when it gets here! My challenge to you is to ask yourself, are you prepared for the unknown? or are you assuming tomorrow will be just as today is? Have you smelled the roses of today, not missed out on anything? You can't go back to today once tomorrow comes, and you don't know what tomorrow brings. Think about that. Be a good steward with your life.

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