Thursday, March 1, 2012

Social Networking ...

Social networking ... everyone's doing it, so it seems.  But it has created the need for an entirely different code of behaviour.  I mean, if you visit a friend's house, you and your children are expected to follow certain time honored rules of etiquette, but we don't seem to have anything in place for social networking.  We become privy to other peoples' lives, their daily doings, feelings, ups and downs.  We probably know more about our online "friends" via social networking than we do about the family next door.  

I made a big faux pas today.  A grand child's birthday was assumed "forgotten" by the child's grandmother, and in the spirit of giving a heads up to the forgetter, I had my head handed to me.  Now if this was the family next door, I'd have never interfered!  I took liberties, and poked my nose where it didn't belong. 

Daddy and I often discussed how easily the written word could be misunderstood, because we can't "hear" the tone of voice or inflection, and can't "see" the facial expressions.  I'm sure all of you have had similar experience with such misunderstandings.  

I'm not sure if the "rules of etiquette" have broadened to include the age of computers and cell text messages,.  We don't sit down to pen and paper to write a "newsy" letter to a friend or relative, instead we hit the keyboard.  I'm not offering a solution, mind you, but rather asking you to take a step backward and look at where your non verbal communications take you. Do you stop to think before hitting "send" about how your words might be received? Are you writing about something that really isn't your business in the first place? My daughters will tell you I am most assuredly the guiltiest person in our family for sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. I do it with all the best intentions, and never seem to learn from my mistakes.  That being said, here is a gentle reminder, dear reader, not to do what I did!

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