Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Change ...

 It's been awhile!  It's not that I haven't thought about all of you, I've just been in my own little world.  In November I made the decision to part with my beloved Bernina, but I am here to tell you I have welcomed a new member to the family, the Brother CS6000i machine!  What a good little trooper he is!!!  

And that brings me to today's topic. Change.  Change is inevitable, is daily, is moment to moment, and it is necessary for growth.  Sometimes change is negative, others it's more welcomed, but always it is necessary.  I considered the usual laundry list of "resolutions" for the new year, and then I looked in the mirror instead. It wasn't about things I needed to do for others, or do for diets, exercise, or other typical topics. Change was needed for nurturing myself.

That's not an easy thing to say!  I was taught that to put yourself first was selfish, it wasn't until well into midlife that I realized I'm no good for ANYONE if I'm not all I can be for myself.  SO, this year's resolutions are to embrace change with an open mind, and to nurture the person inside me.  In a lifetime of doing things for others, or with others in mind, I realized I hadn't been honest with myself, and what *I* needed.

My challenge to you is to examine your heart, are you really taking care of yourself? Are you giving ear to your heart's needs? Are you providing yourself with opportunities to grow? Are you who you WANT to be?

I know that over the years folks have thought things I did were selfish, or for my own aggrandizement, but the reality was I wanted to be accepted, approved of, even liked for those decisions.  Those aren't the right reasons to do anything.  In the final analysis, I hurt more people than I intended, and appeared stubborn and unyielding. SO, as I strive to care for the person I am, I realize I need to be aware of those around me as well, so that I don't tread on toes.

It's the second month now, and I've accomplished 7 quilt  tops so far this year! Now the challenge is to get them quilted, and off to their forever homes.  I can't keep them all, they need to go into the world to provide warmth and comfort for others.

   Do you have your Kindle yet?! What are you waiting for!  There are many versions now, with prices for any budget.  I find that mine lets me read in bed or on the go.  The units are light, easily held, and very easily customized to suit your own preferences.  Never be without a book to read again! Don't be bored by waiting room copies of magazines 2 years old! Pull out your Kindle and enjoy the wait!!