Thursday, June 16, 2011

yawn ...

I don't often write about health issues, but I will this time ... it's three a.m. and i haven't been to sleep yet. Got up at 7 ... made a round trip to Ann Arbor and back with a friend ... four hour drive one way.  She's beginning reconstruction surgery post mastectomy (double).  I'm along for moral support, and after next Friday, she'll not be allowed to drive for three weeks.  I am reminded of the Biblical admonishment to "take the beam out of your own eye before attempting to remove the "mote" from someone else's.  In a nutshell, take care of yourself or you're no good  to anyone else.  Today was a classic example.  A four hour stretch in the car is too long without hourly pit stops to do a few laps around the car. Consequently, both of us were stiff and sore. And now, being overly tired, I can't sleep.    I'm sharing this with you as a "wake up" call ... are you doing all you can to take care of your own selves, so you CAN be there for someone else ... ?  Be good stewards with your own health and well being.   

Sunday, June 12, 2011


50,000 discount craft supplies

Wow. I just watched all three hours of movie called Merlin's Apprentice.  Quite thought provoking, actually, in that the return of the Holy Grail would only happen if Camelot was once again noble and pure of heart.  I think, in many ways, the message is very timely. As nations struggle against one another, as they are rent with schism, we've lost our way. Things have come to being "about us", rather than be "for the greater good".

Let me warn you, it's a three hour movie!  I put the DVD in my little player, headphones on, as I sat at the sewing machine working on another quilt.  That took up the first hour and a half.  The second part I devoted my entire attention to, despite the hopeful feline who wished me to fix her dinner!

Incurably romantic at heart, I have always loved the legends of Camelot, of the Knights, the Round Table, and the Holy Grail.  I'm not entirely sure just what the Grail is really, I only AM sure that attaining it (or all that it implies) is that we must prove to be worthy of being in its presence.  Are we worthy? Are we motivated by greed, or by goodness ... of wanting things for ourselves rather than trying to help others have them.  I did a Google search on the Holy Grail, and read the following from a Wikipedia article:

 "The Grail plays a different role everywhere it appears, but in most versions of the legend the hero must prove himself worthy to be in its presence. In the early tales, Percival's immaturity prevents him from fulfilling his destiny when he first encounters the Grail, and he must grow spiritually and mentally before he can locate it again. In later tellings the Grail is a symbol of God's grace, available to all but only fully realized by those who prepare themselves spiritually, like the saintly Galahad."

So, for that reason, I recommend your viewing of the film (which is in two parts) ... and giving some thought to what your own personal motivations are in your daily life.  I think it would be time well spent.