Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Special gift ....

Just wanted to share something with you. I've kept it close to my heart since Mother's day Eve, but I'll share it now... From a dear friend-extended-family-member, totally unexpected, came some treasured positive strokes.  Someone who watches from afar, who seems to know what my daily challenges are,  gave me some really positive support.  Things like that are treasured, are priceless.  Just words, on my email monitor ... but it felt like a warm hug ... and I cherish every word.I think what I want to share with you is that people need this.  No matter how "competent" or "together" a person  might be on the outside, there's always that sense of self doubt, of "have I really done all I could ...".  Let's face it, it's a negative world.  "That's a no-no" ... we hear it from our infancy. "Go to the 'stop' sign."  Do we ever say "go to the 'go' sign?"  "Do Not Enter".   "Do Not Call list".  "Go to the Red Light".  never "go to the Green Light".  There are "warning labels" on things, "disclaimers", you name it, the list is endless.  Even, when someone DOES give someone else an "atta-boy" there's that element of doubt, "what was the motive for that".  

The words sent to me were simple, from the heart, and knowing the writer, I took them as Gospel.  And I cherish them.  In the middle of the night, when I'm alone with my thoughts, and sometimes wander through the house in the silence ... I'll stop at the keyboard and type my thoughts, as though putting them in print somehow tames them ... and send them in the dark to the one who listens ... not for answers necessarily, but just so that I know someone ELSE knows my dragons ... 

... so the Mothers' Day note was especially priceless.  

My challenge to you? Is there someone who could use a positive stroke, who carries a load, someone you care about but don't see all that often ... someone who's often taken for granted as just "being there" .... I'm sure you know such a "someone".  Take the time. Take some time from your own pursuits and give that time away. It's a gift that is priceless.  

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