Monday, May 16, 2011

How you think..

While never having studied psychology, nor any of its applications, I realize that knowing "how" you think, how you process information, and what you do with it is a powerful tool.  My answers were very enlightening!    This kind of thing is especially helpful if you have children, so that you can provide appropriate avenues for THEM to process information.  As a child in grade school, I excelled at geometry. I could SEE it!  It made SENSE!!! But algebra defeated me.  My father even stormed into the school to pound on my 7th grade math teacher, because I had brought home As until we switched to Algebra, at which point the best I could come up with were Ds, and I think I only got those because the teacher liked me!  His answer was "I see it all the time. Kids are coming to my classes without basic arithmetic skills."  Hmmmm.  So why, I ask, didn't I "get" it. Probably because the wrong side of my brain was approached by the instructors.  Could this have been changed? Perhaps, but more likely I could have been taught skills to compensate for my "sided" brain!

SO, sit back, give yourself the test below, and then go read this article! I think you will learn something! I did!

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.
Left Brain Dominance: 7(7)
Right Brain Dominance: 15(15)
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

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