Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Thanksgiving Recipe for You!

Since I was typing this out for a recipe swap, I decided to put it here for the rest of you as well.  My grandmother "Nana" always made her stuffing this way, and it was absolutely yummy.  I really can't remember what my mother did, as we always had TG at Nana's house. So I'm the 3rd generation.  My daughters would make the 4th!!  Anyway, enjoy!!  The soup is my concoction.  YEARS ago I remember seeing a recipe for "turkey frame soup". I have no idea what went in it, or even where it came from ... but after years of practice, this is what I do, and I've had many satisfied customers!
Thanksgiving, before and after!!!
  • 1 bag crumbled Peppridge Farm herb stuffing (NOT CUBES)
  • 1 apple, peeled, cored and diced
  • 1 cup white raisins
  • .5 cup chopped walnuts
  • 2-3 strips crispy bacon crumbled
  • diced celery hearts (all the good parts out of the middle of the package) and leaves
  • diced mushrooms (if your family will eat  them)
  • diced turkey liver
  • chopped chives  (I add these, freeze dried, in addition to onions)
  • diced scallions (those long skinny green onions, cut 'em up all the way into the green)
  • 1 tsp freeze dried garlic
  • 1 tbsp "poultry  seasoning"
  • egg/butter/liquid (see below)
while you're doing all this, put the turkey "innards" in a pot to boil ... save the stock, and the liver.  I usually let the outside critters have the rest.  And they know it.
put the bacon on to cook, and make it crisp.
dump the bag of PF into a bowl. Using their guidelines, add butter,egg, and instead of water use 1 cup white wine (no whining here, you can drink the rest) and any additional liquid needed from the pan of turkey innards. Add the goodies from above.
stuff the bird cavities, and bake.  I found it better not to tell people what's in it. They enjoy it more that way. Most folks can't figure apples and raisins in with onions and celery!
        clean off the turkey carcass of whatever meat you can, and deposit the ENTIRE CARCASS into a huge pot.  Cover with water.  Add to it:
  • the big pithy leftovers of that package of celery
  • the long green tops of the scallions
  • the rest of the innards from that earlier pot, if you didn't already  make gravy out of it.
  • if you can get it, buy a box of Turkey Stock.  If you can't find it, cover with water and add a tablespoon of poultry seasoning.
Put the pot on the stove on the lowest setting (unless you have a reeeeeally big crock pot), and go to bed. 
The Next Day:
        you need a second large container, and a large colander.  Gently pour contents of pot-that-cooked-overnight thru the colander into the new pot.  Set that aside for a bit.  Gently paw thru the contents of the colander for any meat you might want to use in the soup pot you set aside.  This is a good job for husbands. What you don't want goes (in my house, anyway) outside for the critters.
     Now.  into said soup pot you set aside, add:
  • any turkey you wish, diced
  • any diced onion or celery you have left (or a bag of frozen if you don't)
  • some more freeze dried onion, chive, poultry seasoning (I'm heavy handed with the freeze dried spices. garlic is good too if your family likes it.  I use a brand called Litehouse, they make a whole raft of freeze dried stuff.   Lighthouse offers a variety of freeze dried spices and even mushrooms and you can check out the full line here : or at your local grocery store. ( I found mine with the refrigerated salad dressings)
  • a cup of that stuffing left over from dinner
  • a cup of barley  (be careful with this. when it cooks, it SWELLS!)
  • and if you wish, a package of frozen vegetables for soup, or leftover veggies from TG dinner.
  • cup of white wine
    Simmer that a bit until the barley plumps, then fill freezer containers and  label 'em "Thanksgiving Soup"! 

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