Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The best gifts can't be bought ...

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There you go, here's some nice links to help you with your Christmas Shopping! I have to say, though, the best presents to give are the ones you don't have to buy. Is there something you're good at? something you like to do? From Bird Houses to wall art, place mats to quilts. Several years ago, my son was then a college student, and as all college students are, broke! That year he made a barn for a Nativity scene, and his lady made the figurines. I treasure that to this day. In fact, it's time for him to make a bigger one, for the bigger Nativity figures I have! (yes, I put out several Nativities, and half a dozen trees ... I just love everything about Christmas.) Every year my firstborn makes Christmas cookies for me. I look for those first, they're special, and then I HIDE them from the overgrown rodent in my house who would eat them all up!! One year when my middle child was still in grade school, I was gifted with a rosary she made for me. Yup, still have THAT too.

Do you have a family member who loves to feed the birds? Make him or her a bird feeder, or a bird house. There are many patterns and designs on the internet there for the searching. Do you knit? How about a pair of arm warmers! They look like mittens, but the fingers are open, and just a hole for the thumb. I saw a pair I loved for 18 bucks in the mall, and then came home and started looking for a pattern for them.

Are there little grandchildren in your family? Buy a story book, and a blank cassette tape. Sit down in a quiet room, and read the story out loud, while recording your voice. Your grandchild will be able to follow along with you, and hear your voice, even if you're far away!

Just little things to think about ...

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