Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Emmerson ...

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The reward of a thing well done, is to have done it.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I like Emerson. I like Thoreau!  I'm learning to use a quilt frame system, ideally it would have a mid or long armed sewing machine on it, but for now it plays host to my Bernina.  I have doodled with it, and was pleased with how easily I segued from moving the quilt to moving the machine!  But I can tell, there are a LOT more capabilities with the second method.  Shapes, designs ... quilt a little here, and a lot there ... And each time I remove the project from the frame, and look at it over all, I'm pleased with  myself.  Of course, the REAL "feel good" came when I dragged my first attempt to the Quilt Shop to show Sherrie.  She positively glowed at me!  THAT felt good. It was the "reward of a thing well done, that I actually DID!" 

It's true of so many things, when you get right down to it. Not necessarily limited to a craft, or a hobby. It could be true of a long awaited letter  you finally sat down and wrote; it could be the new recipe you wanted to try on your family, but were afraid of their reaction to "change".  There are no limits!  Last week, when I went through some of the boxes to find things for the new resident in Oscoda who is starting over, I was pleased not only with what all I amassed for her, I was also pleased with having succeeded in moving things to the new shed, out of the garage.  I need to do that again. There's still far too much chaos in the garage.  As I moved the boxes, and sorted through them, I located photos friends have been nagging me for;  I found things that have been packed since our exodus from Arizona five years ago. What fun! I was reunited with possessions, and felt enriched.  Memories were renewed and refreshed, and I felt like I had accomplished something at the end of the day.  Big deal, you say, I moved 6 boxes.  YES!  BIG DEAL!!! It was well done, and I felt the reward! 

Tackle something tomorrow. It doesn't need to be a world changing thing, choose something you can achieve, and DO it!  And then bask in the glow of the reward for a job done!

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