Thursday, October 21, 2010

pearls of wisdom...

"I've learned that every loss or defeat reveals an important surprise…for time will prove each setback, was a blessing in disguise."~Linda Ellis

How true. Swiped this little quote off a friend's FB page. I think it was put there just for me, this time.  Yesterday was a major setback (and disappointment) in my husband's ongoing medical treatment. We had all of our eggs in the basket that was dangled in front of us. But, the surgeon decided to go another route.

  My initial reaction was anger. REAL anger.  I was spitting mad. The kind of mad when Dennis needs to tell me to put a sock in it, I'm out of line.  (he didn't, but he would have been justified).  Weeks of preparation, too many 200 mile round trips to Saginaw, scrounging up the funds to cover procedures required that weren't covered by medicare or medicaide ... all those things just gunnysacked on top of my anger.  Drove home in silence, pouring rain, and frustration.  Watched some TV, talked on IM with a kid who makes me very ashamed to ever feel sorry for myself ... and eventually went to bed with the kitties (who were grudgingly forgiving me for not leaving more kibbles out for them).

But, in the light of dawn of a new day, I guess I'm grateful. Grateful that the doc didn't proceed with something that probably wouldn't have worked, and would have opened up a new can of worms in terms of potential complications that could have made things a lot worse.

Things happen for reasons, and most of the time we aren't privy to those reasons. To be in a state of grace would require swallowing that anger, and replacing it with something more productive.  How often are we rerouted in our daily endeavors, never thinking that in the Grand Scheme of Things that rerouting is a blessing.  So, I shall go plop in my big chair, and spend the afternoon binding a quilt, and watching the birdies at the feeder.  Anger breeds nothing good.  And with each stitch, I will be thankful ...

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  1. What a difference a day makes and some sleep. Glad you aren't angry now. God has a plan in mind we just need to follow it, even when it seems not the right way to go. hugs