Wednesday, August 25, 2010

skill sharpeners ...

Every once in awhile even the most accomplished quilters ought to take a basic class again, just to sharpen her skills, or maybe find out about some new fangled tool that makes a task easier. Sunshine Quilt Shop in Oscoda, MI, is going to be scheduling just those kinds of classes in the coming months. The holiday season is approaching, and now's a good time to make some of those smaller projects for gift giving. Nothing shows you care more than a hand made gift!

Be sure too, to check out The Quilted Squirrel's page. Critter quilts and lap quilts are always up for sale, and in September two new big quilts will be added to the shop. The pattern page has been dusty for a long time, but we have it on the best authority that the old Squirrel has her stubby pencil in paw to get some of those patterns ready for redwork. Be sure to check back.

We've just found a great new tool! It's called the "Bloc-Loc" and it comes in several sizes. Be sure to check out this new handy ruler!!

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