Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Here we are, my brofur and I, showing off one of Mama's BIG quilts. She has one left for sale which you can see on our website or our etsy site. or
My brofur is Sebastian O'Malley TabbyTat ... he's a pain in the fur. Always stomping around with his big paws. He tries to hog all the best nappy spots, but I know of a few he hasn't found yet.

Quilted Squirrel and the Patchwork Cat

Misty and I would like to introduce ourselves. I am the Quilted Squirrel (Patty) and my kitty Misty is the Patchwork Cat. We specialize in small quilts for cats, dogs, and people. All of our quilts are made here in Oscoda, by us. Misty is the quality control department, checking each one for warmth, napping on, and color choices. I (the Squirrel) am in charge of making them!!

My sister's store is "StrayCatFarm" here on Blogger, also.

My website is, and Misty's page is "Patchwork Cat".